Kat Dela Cruz Photography

"Portraits that celebrate who you are, naturally and beautifully"



"I was really nervous about getting my picture taken so I appreciate how Kat guided and directed me because she helped me relax and get over feeling self-conscious. She is absolutely brilliant at drawing out that part of you that is your best self…and then somehow captures it with her camera. Love, love, love my photos!"

~Jessica S.



"I'm a single dad of two little girls. I don't really take their pictures much.  One day I came home from work and found a gift bag leaning against my door. Inside were beautifully framed pictures of my girls, looking so happy and carefree…and it hit me how innocent and precious they are. My oldest one asked, "Daddy, why are you crying? Don't you like the pictures?" And I started to laugh."

 ~Mike K.



"Kat, thank you very much for our beautiful pictures…  I cried when I saw how you captured our family so perfectly! We had so much fun! The other day, Gwen asked me, "When can we go back and play with Kat and get more pictures taken?"  ~Elizabeth R.



"It's important to connect with your photographer.  You have to trust that she will capture not only how she sees you but also how you see yourself. It's not easy to relax and open up and be vulnerable in front of someone's camera. It sounds a little corny but being photographed by Kat made me feel more confident. I had a great experience!"

~Celeste N.





"It's no easy feat to photograph my wild boys but somehow Kat managed to make it fun and we got some great pictures! I will always treasure our photos because my kids are changing so fast and I love this stage of their lives. Thank you so much, Kat. You did it!"

~Katie D.







"When you come close to almost losing someone, you appreciate them all the more. Getting our portrait taken together was a gift to ourselves...it was our way of expressing our love for one another and celebrating our mother-daughter relationship. Thank you, Kat, for the amazing pictures! You have a talent for making people feel special.  We had such a good time with you…so much laughter and joy!"

~Sonja L.





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"Thank you so much for our awesome pictures! We really appreciate that you were willing to photograph us in our home…it made it so much easier and relaxed for our baby. We loved that our images were delivered ready to hang."

~Wendy S.



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