Kat Dela Cruz Photography

Portraits of women, children, families and professionals

Okay...it’s time to talk numbers.  We all know that any product or service of value requires an investment of some sort. Well, the good news is professional photography yields incredible returns! For business people, a compelling headshot can be a game changer. For women, children and families, there are several studies that support the power of photography to raise self-esteem, bolster confidence, and foster a sense of connectedness and belonging. When I show parents images of their children, they often weep. When a woman sees a gorgeous picture of herself, her self-confidence soars as she views herself in a more favorable light. When families look at a group portrait of themselves day after day, they report increased feelings of fondness and appreciation for one another. Archival framed family portraits become cherished art pieces, passed down to younger generations who treasure them for the legacy they preserve. With all these benefits, it's clear that investing in photography is a smart decision! 

PORTRAITS | $300 | Creative Fee  HOLIDAY SPECIAL $99 UNTIL DECEMBER 25, 2018

The Creative Fee covers the photographer's time, talent and cost of doing business and is due at the time you book your session.  Prints, products and collections are not included in the Creative Fee and are offered at a SPECIAL PRICE at your Reveal session. 

The Creative Fee includes:

  • A pre-session consultation to plan your photo shoot and answer all your questions

  • 1.5-2 hour portrait session at agreed upon location

  • 2-3 wardrobe changes

  • A special Reveal session with slideshow to choose your favorite images


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Give the gift of photography 2018 Christmas Special: $99 PHOTO SESSION (a $300 value)